Solid Walnut Diptych.

Solid Walnut Diptych.


A diptych is an object with two flat plates attached at a hinge. Diptychs date back to ancient Roman times and were used as the first notebooks, they were filled with wax which was scratched to write, after which the wax was melted and smoothed for reuse.

Pictured here is Heart / Art, a kangaroo word I noted where the word ‘Art’ lies within the word ‘Heart’ while also having a similar meaning. The diptych is available with each wordplay print in store in a limited edition of 25.

Leave closed on your coffee table or stand up open to display the artwork

Solid Black American Walnut, sealed with Danish oil.
Unglazed UV printed Ceramic tile.
Brass Hinges.
Size: Closed, 230 x 170 mm / 9 x 6.6 in
Open, 230 x 340 mm / 9 x 13.5 in

Illustrations are debossed with gold foil onto Fabriano Unica Bianco White 250gram, cotton paper. Individually finished by artist with hand lettering, numbered and stamped with studio chop.

Wordplay print:
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